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The O'Dell Family Chiropractic Team

Christa ODell

Christa O’Dell – Team Lead

In 2003, Dr. Kevin and I opened O'Dell Family Chiropractic. Prior to being involved in the family business, I enjoyed a career in corporate America! I am so thankful to have been able to work alongside my husband in our chiropractic office. Although over the years I have been involved in every aspect of our business, the most rewarding part is interacting on a daily basis with our amazing patients. Being able to come to our office every day and see "chiropractic miracles" happen is truly a gift. Dr. Kevin and I have two children, a daughter (age 16) and a son (age 13). They have been receiving chiropractic care since birth and have grown up as "chiropractic kids". I have been amazed to see them flourish drug-free throughout their lives. I enjoy spending time with my kids, reading and staying active. I am thankful everyday to work alongside my husband and team members to provide natural, safe healthcare.

Elizabeth Chiropractic AssistantElizabeth – Chiropractic Assistant

I am the mother of four children and grandma to two beautiful grandchildren. Years ago, I chose Chiropractic for myself and my family because I strongly believe in the the benefits of natural preventative healthcare. In 2005, I was fortunate enough to join the O'Dell Family Chiropractic team and have enjoyed welcoming our patients, as well as, the rewards of having a long lasting relationship with them. When I am not busy at the office I love spending time with my grandchildren and cooking!


I've been at O'Dell Family Chiropractic for almost 4 years. I fell in love with chiropractic while working towards my psychology degree at Wayne State University. The staff, patients and chiropractic philosophy inspire me every day, so much - that I've been researching chiropractic colleges. :) P.S. if you ever hear singing in the office that's me!

Karleen Brown, LMT
Karleen Brown, LMT

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