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Southfield Chiropractor : Dr. Kevin O'Dell

Dr. Kevin O'Dell

3rd Generation Chiropractor

It’s funny how I ended up becoming a chiropractor, because many of my family friends believed that this career was my predetermined destiny. My father, grandfather and over thirty other family members had been not only chiropractors, but trailblazers in the field, so it seemed only natural that I would follow in their footsteps. However, when I was growing up, becoming a chiropractor was not part of my plans. As I entered college and began pursuing my undergraduate degree in engineering, I soon realized how passionate I really was about chiropractic and that maybe this passion should become my career.

Chiropractic was more than a family profession, it was a way of life.

I began attending lectures, many of them given by doctors that I had grown up with, doctors that discussed chiropractic in terms of the miracles that they saw. To me, these were not miracles, they were merely the way of life that I had always known.

I soon realized that others around me knew very little about the types of miracles I had been hearing of all of my life. These miracles focused on caring for people naturally, holistically and achieving whole body wellness. I was excited about my new revelations- my life path and passion were now laid out before me. I knew then that my life would not be complete if I did not share the gift of chiropractic with everyone that I would meet! All of this led me to Life University of Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia, where I received my chiropractic degree in 1994.

On a personal note…

My wife Christa and I opened our office together in 2003. We have been married over ten years and have two great kids, Daisy and Robert, who make us proud everyday. In my spare time, I love to play basketball and the occasional Texas Hold ‘Em game. Everyday, I look forward to going to my office and consider it an honor serving and educating my patients about chiropractic.